For Who?

Legal and Business Professionals Who:

want to sound natural and professional

wish to become more confident and fluent speakers

liaise with English-speaking clients

work with English texts and documents on a daily basis

need to brush up their English

wish to maintain or increase the level of linguistic competence

What Situations?

A range of situations practised:

from dinner parties to conference coffee breaks

from chance meetings with influential people to networking online

from “breaking the ice” in meetings to starting negotiations effectively

if you need to communicate formally with colleagues, clients and stakeholders in English

What Areas?

The course helps you to:

develop language skills in situations relevant to your professional work

enhance your professional image

convince people to your point of view in negotiations

“explore the significance of diplomatic language

raise awareness of intercultural communication

develop strategies for dealing with sensitive issues, e.g. overcoming communication breakdowns or barriers



What Skills?

You can choose what to focus on:

practical grammar refreshers: polite tense forms, the use of articles, etc.

language for meetings and negotiations

how to use persuasive intonation

how to improve your pronunciation

brief vocabulary builders of the crucial areas of law from your legal practice:

  • civil procedure terminology
  • administrative procedure terminology
  • contract law
  • company law
  • employment law issues
  • real estate terms
  • banking terms
  • insurance terms
  • taxation issues
  • environmental issues
  • consumers and the law
  • any other areas you wish to pursue

What Benefits?

You benefit because:
  • the course focuses on your individual learning style
  • you choose the most suitable learning pace
  • you learn what you consider useful and relevant
  • whatever skill you practise it is imbedded in LEGAL English
  • topics are selected to maintain your interest and motivation
  • you are fully engaged in learning through a variety of activities, including case studies, role-plays, simulation and practical conversational exercises
  • you get maximum exposure to English
  • through practice and repetition you increase your confidence



Why LEC?

“variety is the spice of learning”

Legal English Centre

  • extensive 12-year experience in teaching legal professionals, at all levels of legal practice
  • care about the precision and clarity of your legal terminology
  • innovative and unique approach to teaching legal collocations which guarantee the high quality of your professional English
  • thorough knowledge of learning styles and individual preferences put into practice
  • memorising techniques exploited to maximise your learning time
  • a wide range of topics to enrich you on an individual and professional level

Agnieszka A. Chojecka

I studied English Philology at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. From the very start I have been specialising in teaching business English to adult students. I gained the examiner’s qualifications for Pitman Qualifications and English for Business LCCI while cooperating with EMPIK School of English in Poznań.

Since 2004 I have delivered legal English courses preparing students for the TOLES examination series at all three levels (Foundation – Higher – Advanced). Since then I have focused solely on legal professionals and have taught legal vocabulary from almost all the areas of law (both British and Polish).

So far I held 27 TOLES sessions (18 at the TOLES Advanced level, 11 at the Foundation and 21 at the Higher), the majority of which were in the authorised exam centre which I set up in 2008.

My special areas of interest include teaching practical writing skills, designing my own training materials for lawyers and developing effective methods of teaching vocabulary (i.e. legal collocations).

In free time I follow closely the developments in a variety of fields: modern technology, business management, trends in economy, the world of finance and banking, social studies, cognitive sciences, psychology and philosophy to name but few.

How to start?

At a first meeting:

  • your individual level of linguistic competence is assessed
  • the course objectives are set
  • the individual syllabus and learning plan is drawn up
  • you decide when and how often to arrange meetings

And Then:

  • the first meetings give you an overview of our teaching approach
  • hourly rates depend on several factors: your proficiency level, frequency of meetings, the length of the course
  • the tuition fee may range between PLN180 and PLN220 for 45 minutes
  • you can share the course cost with a colleague assuming you have the same goals and comparable language levels




Legal English Centre

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